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2013-2014 Data Added 5/12/17

Tax rate components and total valuations (with and without utilities) have been added for 2013 and 2014. Total voted appropriations has been added for 2014. Individual financial datapoints for 2014 are still unavailable.

2003-2009 Data Added 5/7/17

The majority of the data for 2003 through 2009 has been imported from the legacy NHPFC database. We are still working on missing data for 2010 through 2014.

Data Error Corrected 3/29/17

An error was found by one of our users in the calculated total actual expenditures in the database. This has been corrected. The actual expenditures for the individual account codes are correct.

2016 Data Available 1/16/17

Data reported to the DRA for 2016 has been added to the portal along with final tax rate components for all municipalities. 2016 population values have been interpolated from the available NH OEP 5-year projections (2015-2020) and will be replaced with the NH OEP 2016 estimated values when they become available.

Graph Tooltips Added 11/22/16

As requested, mouse-over tooltips have been added for graph series. The graphs have been tweaked to improve their appearance on smaller phones. Keep in mind that some graphs, especially those with large datasets (such as Components of Gross Valuation) are simply too complex to display properly on mobile devices.

Dataset Completion (2013-2016)
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