Latest Updates

Update 8/18/2023

We have added unemployment data for 2019, 2021, and 2022 and updated all data for 2021 and 2022 based on the final filings for those tax years. Thank you to Steve for reaching out and notifying us of the missing unemployment figures!

2020 Actuals and various 2021 values updated 10/31/2021

Happy Halloween! A number of final tax rates have been set for 2021 and so we have begun to update the TY21 estimated revenues and valuation figures. As of right now, appromximately 35% of the communities have completed their estimated revenue reports and just over 80% have reported valuation figures. We have also updated the 2020 actual revenues and actual expenditures from the 2021 MS-535 submissions - around 70% of the values are available. We will continue to make incremental updates as more values are submitted through the end of the year.

2021 Voted Appropriations Updated 9/17/2021

The voted appropriations for 2021 have been updated for approximately 97% of the municipalities. The remaining data will be added as soon as it becomes available.

Update 5/14/2021

2020 annual unemployment rates have been added, sourced from the NHES Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS). These are benchmarked, non-seasonally adjusted values. 2020 population estimates will become available once projections have been published by the NHOSI.

2020 End-of-Year Update 1/15/2021

The 2020 tax year data has been processed and is now complete. We have also filled in a few gaps in 2018 and 2019 data (one or two towns) thanks to help from our users. We won't have 2020 actuals until the end of the year. 2020 demographic data is still pending but we hope to have it updated in the near future. Again, thank you to our users for the feedback and the extra sets of eyes.

2020 Data Update 11/6/2020

The Department of Revenue Administration is in the process of finalizing reviews and setting tax rates for the majority of the communities in the state. We have just updated 2020 MS-1 valuation data for approximately 80% of the state. We will be adding final tax rates and components as they become available. Approximately half of the estimated revenues for 2020 and around 60% of the actual revenues and actual expenditures for 2019 have been added to the database.

2019/2020 Data Updates 8/7/2020

With the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the shift in annual meeting dates, municipal finance and budget data is being delayed. We are working on adding a portion of 2020 voted appropriations and 2019 actual expenditures/revenues right now and will continue to make updates and additions as more becomes available. Thank you for your patience!

2013 Tax Rate Component Corrections 7/24/2020

The 2013 tax rate components for all municipalities have been updated to match data published by the NH DRA. The original values came from a third-party source. Thanks again to our users for reporting the issue.

Total Property Tax Commitment Components Added 6/11/2020

By request we have added the individual components of the Total Property Tax Commitment to the database. These are the Municipal Tax Effort, County Tax Effort, Local Education Tax Effort, State Education Tax Effort, Village District Tax Effort, and the War Service Credits. These new data points will initially only be available for 2015 onwards and we will continue to add data from prior years as it becomes available. These new fields are available under the "Tax Rate Data" category.

COVID-19 Update 3/10/2020

Due to the ongoing disruption caused by COVID-19 many municipalities have rescheduled annual meetings and extended deadlines. As a result, dataset updates will be infrequent and incomplete and there may be delays in the review processes for certain data. Data accuracy will be unaffected. If you require specific data for the current tax year that is not yet available here on the site, please contact us.

2019 Data Update 12/6/2019

2018 actual revenues and actual expenditures (MS-535) have been updated for all but two municipalities. All 2019 voted appropriations (MS-232) have been updated and all but four municipalities have reported revised estimated revenues (MS-434). As for 2019 tax rate components, 228 of the 234 municipalities have been updated. The remaining data should be available in the coming weeks.

Population Data Updated 10/17/2019

The population estimates for 2019 have been added. Note that these estimates are based on projections that use the past three years' of population data. These values are not from the NHOEP. They will be updated to NHOEP's values once those become available.

2019 Data Update 10/15/2019

Over half of the municipalities have submitted their MS-535 reports (actual expenditures, actual revenues, and other financial data for 2018). This data is now available and we will continue to update it as more becomes available. Two-thirds of the municipalities have submitted their MS-1 reports (valuations) for 2019, as well. We have also updated the voted appropriations and the revised estimated revenues for 2019. Those two datasets are now at above 95% completion. We should have demographics updated this week, which will allow you to view the "per capita" charts on the site with the latest data.

2018 Unemployment Figures Added 5/31/2019

Annual average unemployment for 2018 has been added to all municipalities from the NHES Labor Force and Unemployment dataset. These rates are not seasonally-adjusted.

2018 Data Updated 5/28/2019

The 2018 voted appropriations for all municipalities have been updated and the dataset should now be complete. The tax rate components for all municipalities for TY18 have been added/updated. This includes the municipal valuation components from the 2018 MS-1 for Berlin and New Hampton. Due to the complexity of the Concord/Loudon rates, if you see any errors in their numbers, please contact us to have them corrected.

2017 Actuals and 2018 Values Updated 12/8/2018

2017 actual expenditures and revenues are in for all but Hart's Location. 2018 voted approriations (from the MS-232-R) and estimated revenues (MS-434-R) have been added for all municipalities. 2018 MS-1 valuation data has been added for all but Berlin and New Hampton.

2017 Actual Expenditures and Revenues Updated 9/20/2018

Actual expenditures and revenues for 121 of the 234 municipalities have been updated for 2017.

2018 Data Partially Completed 9/19/2018

2018 voted appropriations have been added for 220 of the 234 municipalities. 2018 Estimated revenues for 180 of the 234 municipalities have been added.

2011 Actual Revenues Added 9/17/2018

Actual revenues for 2011 have been added to the database for all municipalities.

2012 and 2013 Actual Revenues Added 8/29/2018

Actual revenues for 2012 and 2013 have been added to the database for all municipalities.

Demographics Updated 6/12/2018

Population estimates for 2017 have been added from the US Census Bureau data sets. The NH OEP has not provided updated estimates or projections beyond 2016. NHES unemployment figures for 2017 have been added.

2016 MS-535 Data Complete 5/1/2018

The remaining 2016 MS-535 data (actual expenditures and actual revenues) has been added to the database.

2017 Valuation and Tax Rate Datasets Updated 2/20/2018

2017 MS-1 valuation data and tax rate components has been loaded for the remaining municipalities. The NHOEP has not yet produced 2017 population estimates.

2016 MS-535 Data Updated 12/13/2017

The majority of the 2016 actual expenditures and actual revenues have been imported from the 2017 MS-535 filings. Any missing data will be imported as soon as it becomes available.

2017 Data Added/Updated 12/11/2017

2017 data has been added, including tax rate components, valuations, and the remainder of the voted appropriations and estimated revenues. Population estimates and unemployment data for 2017 are still pending.

2014 Data Added 9/10/2017

2014 Actual Revenues, Voted Appropriations, and Estimated Revenues have been loaded. This data has been assembled from multiple sources and although a representative sample has been verified against known values, there is no guarantee that all data points are correct for all municipalities. If you find an error, please contact us so that we can review and correct the error.

2017 Voted Appropriations Added 9/5/2017

2017 Appropriations as Voted from the MS-232 have been loaded into the database for 221 of the 234 municipalities in the state. The remaining data will be added once the NHDRA has completed their review of the submitted values.

2016 Actual Expenditures and Revenues Added 9/3/2017

2016 Actual Expenditures and Actual Revenues along with several other 2016 data points from the 2017 MS-535 submissions have been added for approximately 50 of the municipalities in the state. Data coverage will expand over the following weeks as the forms are submitted by the municipalities and reviewed by the NHDRA.

2013-2014 Data Added 5/12/2017

Tax rate components and total valuations (with and without utilities) have been added for 2013 and 2014. Total voted appropriations has been added for 2014. Individual financial datapoints for 2014 are still unavailable.

2003-2009 Data Added 5/7/2017

The majority of the data for 2003 through 2009 has been imported from the legacy NHPFC database. We are still working on missing data for 2010 through 2014.

Limited 2003 - 2009 data now available 4/13/2017

A number of data sets have been added to the database for 2003 through 2009. This includes voted appropriations, estimated revenues, and a limited number of actual expenditures and actual revenues fields. This data was sourced from the legacy NHPFC database.

Data Error Corrected 3/29/2017

An error was identified by one of our users concerning the calculated total actual expenditures in the database. As the actual expenditures are only available for 2015 onwards, this calculated total field has been temporarily removed from the database until more of the contributing data becomes available. All individual actual expenditures fields are unaffected.

2016 Data Available 1/16/2017

Data reported to the DRA for 2016 has been added to the portal along with final tax rate components for all municipalities. 2016 population values have been interpolated from the available NH OEP 5-year projections (2015-2020) and will be replaced with the NH OEP 2016 estimated values when they become available.

Graph Tooltips Added 11/22/2016

As requested, mouse-over tooltips have been added for graph series. The graphs have been tweaked to improve their appearance on smaller phones. Keep in mind that some graphs, especially those with large datasets (such as Components of Gross Valuation) are simply too complex to display properly on mobile devices.

Dataset Progress

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