Viewing Graphs

The graphs are a collection of pre-defined ratios and comparisons that the members of the Consortium feel are most likely to be universally useful. Viewing the graphs is relatively straight-forward: for most, select the towns and years of interest and click "Refresh Graph". Some graphs will offer additional options - such as displaying a statewide average value. Below each graph are tabs for viewing the raw data in a table, notes and comments on the graph or its data sources, and documentation about where the data came from.

Exporting Data

You can selectively export data from the database to a comma-separated value (CSV) text file from the Data page. This file can be opened in a text editor or natively in applications like Microsoft Excel in order to perform your own analysis or create your own graphs from any of the data stored in our database. Select the categories of interest, the towns, and the years. If desired, you can click "Select All" at the top of each list to export the contents of the entire database for your own use.

Send us Feedback

Found an error? Have a request or a suggestion? Your feedback is crucial to helping is continue to improve this tool as funding allows.